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Name:Anthony Stark
Location:United States of America
Character Name: Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark / Iron Man
Character LJ: avenger_in_iron
Physical description: 5'9", brown hair, brown eyes. Lean, athletic.
Age: 45
PB: Robert Downey Jr.

Abilities: Genius-level intellect. Businessman and political activist. Posses a mechanical suit of armor that provides him with super strength, supersonic flight, and defensive shields. Also contains energy repulsors, capable of missile launch, and an e.m.p generator.

Weaknesses and flaws: Aging. He is mostly retired. His reflexes are slowing down and he'd prefer to leave the heroing to the younger generation. A former alcoholic who struggles with old urges.

Character location/Home: Avenger's mansion; New York.
Alignment: Hero.
Relatives: Dean Robert Clarkson (son, living), Alexa Cabe-Stark (daughter, living), Mikhail Loganovich Romanov (step-son, living), Natasha Romanov (ex-wife, living).

Backstory: Born the son of Howard and Maria Stark. Tony's father was a wealthy industrialist and the founder of Stark Inc. Howard was also an abusive alcoholic who mistreated his wife and son. At 15, Tony attended MIT to study electro engineering. He graduated suma cum laude.

When his parents were killed in an automobile accident, Tony inherited the company and the fortune that went with it. A skilled, if untried, businessman, Tony took the reins of the company and built it into an even bigger empire than that of his father.

While observing the effect of experimental techologies on the American war effort, he was injured by a booby trap and captured by the enemy. In captivity, he built his first suit of armor to escape. Back home, he perfected the design to become Iron Man.

Over time Tony allied himself with other heroes such as Thor and Hank Pym to form the Avengers.

Today, he is largely retired. He still runs Stark Inc and trains young heroes at the Avengers mansion. He is newly divorced from Natasha Romanov, after failing in an attempt to make a go of the "family life".
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